Welcome to Loïc Cudennec Website

  • Kalray MPPA-256 Many-core Processor
  • Intel Itanium Processor
  • Tera 100 / TGCC / Curie
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Adapteva Parallella 64 Many-core Processor
  • Christmann RECS 3 Micro-server


I am a Research Engineer at CEA, LIST in High-Performance and Embedded Computing.

I received both Engineering Degree and Master Thesis in 2005 at INSA de Rennes. I defended my Ph.D. Thesis at the University of Rennes 1, co-funded by the INRIA Centre Bretagne Atlantique, Sun Microsystems and the Regional council of Brittany.

Current works are related to heterogeneous computing and the data management over mixed shared and distributed memory architectures in massively parallel systems. This includes many-core processors, micro-servers and computing grid architectures. Some projects I am/was involved in: H2020 M2DC (micro-servers), H2020 Exanode (Parallel processor for exascale computing), EIT Digital HII CPS (Industrie 4.0), Kalray joint laboratory (256-core processor), Grid'5000 (Computing grid).

With Stephane Louise (CEA), we organize the Alchemy Workshop, held in conjunction with the ICCS Conference, to present recent works on heterogeneous computing architectures.